Moving To A New Home With Pets 1

Moving to a New Home with Pets

Finding good real estate in Las Vegas and then moving to a new home with pets can be challenging. Pets are easily stressed due to the moving process, so it’s best to take your time to ensure your pets have the right care before moving to a new house.

Some of the things that stress your pets include moving furniture, having strangers in the house, and being in an entirely new environment.

As much as moving to a new home with pets can be tough, there are a few things you can do to help your pets cope with the transition. Here are some tips to help you if you’re looking at housing options in Las Vegas for you and your pets.

Tips for Moving to a New Home with Pets

1. Minimize your pet’s stress

What most people don’t consider is that animals can easily be affected by big changes, and an example of such changes is when you have to switch homes. 

In their new home in Las Vegas, your pet has to deal with new smells, new locations, and new faces. At first, they might be confused and scared, and they’re likely to behave differently before they get used to the new environment.

When moving to a new home with pets, you can take steps to minimize this type of stress. To do this, consider transporting your pet in a personal vehicle they’re used to rather than the truck carrying your stuff (which can be dangerous if heavy items are not secured).

You can also prepare a kit for them before the whole moving process. It can contain comforting toys, pet blankets, treats, etc. Sometimes during the drive or flight, vets will recommend melatonin, benadryl, or some other sedative that is safe for pets. Consult with your vet before doing so to make sure you’re giving a proper dose and that any over the counter medications are safe and wont conflict with other medications your animal may be on.

2. Keep your pet in a safe location

Whenever you’re moving to a new home with pets and people are busy packing and unpacking, you’ll find that doors all around the house will be opened and closed all the time. When your pet isn’t placed in a secure space, they could be in the way of movers or people moving heavy items which poses a risk for injury.

To avoid this, identify a room where you can keep your pets as you move your stuff to the areas of the home. This not only makes it easy for you to move around but also keeps your pet from some unnecessary stress.

Moving To A New Home With Pets 1

3. Update your pet’s information

Always update your pet’s information when moving to a new area. Look at the availability of local vets and see if you can reach out to them to handle your pet in case a medical emergency happens. Also, check the local laws or building regulations about pet ownership and whether or not you need a license.

As you can see, moving to a new home with pets in Las Vegas can be challenging but with the tip mentioned above, you should be able to plan your trip better. and the real estate agents we partner with can help you with finding the best home for you and the pet. We always find it satisfying when our clients and their pets are happy with their new home.

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