Best Las Vegas Restaurants

Las Vegas boasts some of the best restaurants and chefs found anywhere in the world. And, they are here in abundance! Explore some of the best Las Vegas restaurants today!

Eater Las Vegas, one of our favorite restaurant review sites, just published “The 38 Essential Las Vegas Restaurants, Fall 2019” and it summarizes the variety and celebrity of their choices.

Here’s a link to their site and their top 20: 1. Pizza Rock, 2. Flock & Fowl, 3. Honey Salt, 4. Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, 5. Eatt Gourmet Bistro, 6. Peppermill Restaurant, 7. Yui Edomae, 8. Abriya Raku, 9. Lamaii, 10. FukuBurger, 11. SW Steakhouse, 12. Mordeo Boutique Wine Bar, 13. Hobak Korean BBQ, 14. Costa Di Mare, 15. Wing Lei, 16. Chengdu Taste, 17. La Strega, 18. CUT By Wolfgang Puck, 19. Once, 20. Other Mama.

Eater Las Vegas – The 38 Essential Las Vegas Restaurants, Fall 2019

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