Las Vegas Casinos

In 1931 The Pair-o-Dice Club opened in Las Vegas. In 1941 The El Rancho Vegas opened as the first resort on what is now famously known as The Strip. In 1942 a second casino, Hotel Last Frontier, opened on The Strip, but it wasn’t until Bugsy Siegel took an interest in Las Vegas that our little town hit the map as a gambling hotspot.  He opened the Flamingo in 1946 and the Desert Inn in 1950.

Fast forward to 2009 and City Center, a 16,797,000 square-foot mixed-use urban complex, opens on 76 acres of The Strip, with construction costs totaling $9.2 billion.  It’s pretty evident that Bugsy had at least a glimpse into the future of what Las Vegas would become to the world.

Today, in Las Vegas, we tend to divide our casinos into three categories: Casinos on The Strip, Downtown Casinos, and Casinos for Locals.

Casinos on The Strip

These are the world-famous casinos we see on every Las Vegas promotion and that bring millions upon millions of visitors to our city for the best entertainment found anywhere in the world! Here is a list and links to the most famous:

Downtown Casinos

Those of us that have been in Las Vegas for decades have a soft spot in our hearts for Downtown Las Vegas and the Casinos that make up The Freemont Experience. Perhaps a little less pomp and circumstance downtown, a little bit more emphasis on “affordable” and “Glitz”, here’s a list of links to our Downtown Casinos:

Casinos for Locals

Spread throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas are a host of “Casinos for Locals” built mainly for our residents. Most, if not all, the “Casinos for Locals” have players cards that are free to customers. You accumulate points on your card from dining, drinks, and entertainment in the casino. As your points add up, so do the discounts and free stuff. Most casinos for locals advertise free parking, which is a big plus considering that many casinos on the strip and downtown now charge for parking. Here is a list of links to the best known “Casinos for Locals:”

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