Las Vegas Weather for Retirees

If you are a retiree craving a warm, sunny, and dry climate for health reasons, it’s hard to beat the benefits of the Las Vegas community.

We average 330 sunny days per year!

We do have three months of triple-digit heat (June – 99 degrees is close enough, July, and August), but the rest of the year it’s hard to outdo this desert community.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention winter in Las Vegas. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to shovel snow from your driveway or scrape your windshield every time you get in your car.

No black ice.
No snowdrifts.
That should sum it up nicely.
Time to move to Las Vegas!

types of weather in las vegas for retirees
Month Average
High Temperature (F)
Low Temperature (F)
January 58 39
February 62 43
March 70 49
April 78 56
May 89 66
June 99 75
July 104 81
August 102 79
September 94 71
October 81 58
November 66 47
December 57 39

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