Creech Air Force Base

Construction of the Indian Springs Auxiliary Army Airfield started shortly after the attacks of Pearl Harbor and was finished and opened in 1943 with a small staff. In 1947, it was closed. In 1948, it was reopened in response to the Cold War, and in 1950, it received its first permanent unit.

In 2005, the base was renamed to Creech AFB. Today Creech AFB continues to engage in ongoing overseas contingency operations against terrorism as the birthplace of the global MQ-1 and MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft enterprise.

Creech Air Force Base is located approximately 45 miles from the Northwest part of the Las Vegas Valley. Most active duty personnel prefer to live in the Northwest part of the Las Vegas Valley, though some choose to drive from Summerlin or North Las Vegas, which adds an extra ten minutes of drive time.

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Units stationed at Creech AFB include:

  • 432nd Wing

  • 432nd Air Expeditionary Wing

  • 11th Reconnaissance Group

  • 15th Reconnaissance Squadron

  • 99th Ground Training Squadron

  • Joint UAS Center of Excellence

  • British Royal Air Force’s No. 39 Squadron

  • 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron

  • Nevada Air National Guard’s 232rd Operations Squadron

  • Air Force Reserve’s 726th Operations Group

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