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Nevada Housing Market Update – September 2021

02 November, 2021

Nevada Housing Market Update – August 2021

30 September, 2021

Las Vegas Housing Inventory Crunch

12 March, 2021

Las Vegas Housing Inventory Crunch

As the Las Vegas real estate market shakes off the effects of COVID-19 it faces a housing inventory crunch.  The data is nothing short of amazing as inventory plummets and prices begin to rise.  The information below tracks the last six months of inventory, % change year-over-year, units sold, and days-on-market for single-family homes, condos, […]

Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Not a lot of people have the financial means to buy a home in cash, and many actually rely on home loans. That’s all well and good, but the mortgage market is flooded with lenders who all seem to offer the “best rate,” and if you’re not careful enough to look out for mortgage mistakes […]

Guide to Buying Your First Home

It isn’t unusual for first-time home buyers to get lost in the process of purchasing their first home, especially once you consider the numerous documents they have to handle and the several steps they have to take. Hence, if you’re planning to finally get that dream home, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the home […]

Home Closing Process

First-time home buyers are often carried away in the excitement of owning their home that they usually fail to pay enough attention to the home closing process. It isn’t a surprise too; at this stage, home buyers are probably busy with several tasks, such as arranging a move, packing things, or even settling matters at […]

Real Estate Types

Aside from choosing where to live, first-time homebuyers must also decide what type of home they’ll go for. Real estate types range from simple condominium units to elaborate townhouses, and since the Las Vegas housing market is flooded with properties up for sale, it’s best to decide on the housing type first so that you […]

Fireplace Safety in Las Vegas

A fireplace is such a joy in any home, especially during the cold months when everyone seems to bundle up and huddle by the fireplace for a nice, comfortable warmth. However, fireplaces can damage your home and cause health hazards if poorly maintained, and this reality makes fireplace safety an important subject that homeowners would […]

Nevada Housing Market Update – June 2020

Nevada Housing Market Update– June 2020 The Nevada Housing Market Update – June 2020 has just been published by The Lied Center for Real Estate at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. is pleased to offer the report summary here as well as a link to the entire report. Nevada Housing Market Update – June 2020 […]