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Living in Inspirada

Living in Inspirada – by Shelby Dunscomb.  1,849 miles (give or take) is the distance my husband, Michael, and I traveled last July to make Henderson, NV our new home–specifically the Inspirada community.  When we tell people we moved here in the dead of the heat wave in July, usually, the response I get is, “Are you crazy?”  I thought that was such a strange response until I soon felt the skin on my legs seemingly burn as I not just walked, but power walked from the car into the grocery store across the black asphalt.  I get it now, trust me, I get it!  As the young kids say, “The ground is made of lava!”

Living in Inspirada by way of Indiana

Coming from a small town in Indiana where cornfields span for miles and farm animals are the loud, pesky neighbors you grew to love, Nevada has definitely shaken up our lives in the best way possible!  Michael and I were drawn to the Inspirada neighborhood immediately because of the sense of small-town community it provides.  Families fill the streets at nights and on the weekends, rejoicing in the fact we have all made it through another long day and are able to spend quality time with family and friends.  One of the best features about Inspirada is that it provides community security to patrol the neighborhoods to ensure we can confidently and safely walk about day or night on the miles of sidewalks or paved trails with little to no worry!

Living in Inspirada 2 by Shelby Dunscomb for
Living in Inspirada 2 by Shelby Dunscomb for

The Inspirada Community

The Inspirada community is designed around four parks, all offering different features for the neighborhood.  Each one is easily accessible to walk, bike, skate, etc., and are great for interacting with other members of the community.  In addition, the community has four public pools that residents and their guests can utilize to cool down from the intense Nevada summer heat and makes a great location to interact with other families looking to do the same thing.  If that isn’t enough, Inspirada offers other amazing amenities like Food Truck Fridays, community board game and trivia nights, neighborhood block parties, Farmers’ Market, movie nights and amazing refreshments at the local coffee shop – all activities Michael, three-year-old mini Aussie, Phoebe and I like to hit up whenever we can!

Living in Inspirada by Shelby Dunscomb for
Living in Inspirada by Shelby Dunscomb for

Schools in Inspirada

One of the main reasons we chose to live in Inspirada was for the amazing school presence the area has to offer with Pinecrest Academy of Nevada for our future children–a school organization set on increasing learning opportunities and raising academic achievements.  Lastly, Inspirada also has several builders within the community that families can utilize to build or buy their dream homes!  With an array of home styles and models ranging from townhomes, single family, or homes with casitas, Inspirada excels at appealing to all generations of families, from newlyweds, families with children, empty nesters, and multi-generational.

From the quaint and serene community vibes to the multitude of community amenities, living in Inspirada provides something for everyone.  It is a great place to put down roots with a community that genuinely welcomes you upon arrival, and where you feel the peaceful tranquility of a deep cleansing breath that truly does say, “You are home.”

Written for by Shelby Dunscomb, author, and Inspirada resident

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