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Common Types Of Home Light Bulbs

The use of light bulbs has been around for decades, ever since they were invented. The common types of home light bulbs all come with their pros and cons. Before you can pick the best bulb for your home, it is important to understand their differences. We look at the top options you would have when looking to light up your homes.

Common Types of Home Light Bulbs

Common Types of Home Light Bulbs in Las Vegas Real Estate

  •         Incandescent bulbs

For a while, incandescent bulbs were the most common type of home light bulb for Las Vegas homes. These are typical light bulbs made with a tungsten filament. As electricity passes through the filament, it starts to glow; this glow is what illuminates the room. The filament is surrounded by nitrogen gas or a vacuum. Depending on the type of incandescent bulb, they generally last 700 to 1000 hours and tend to waste a lot of energy.

  •         Fluorescent bulbs

The overall chemical makeup of fluorescent bulbs is very different to what you get with incandescent bulbs. For these bulbs to produce light, an electric current is passed between cathodes to excite mercury and other gasses in the bulb. The phosphorus coating on the outside will convert the radiant energy from this whole process to produce light.

Fluorescent bulbs will produce the same amount of light, only that they last longer than the incandescent bulbs in your home. However, they are difficult to dispose of because of the mercury filling.

  •         Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

The CFL bulbs were designed to replace incandescent bulbs. They work generally the same way fluorescent lamps do; They are among the most common types of home bulbs in Las Vegas real estate as they generally last longer than other types of bulbs. They have a lifespan of 10000 hours and are very energy efficient. 

Common Types Of Home Light Bulbs | Las Vegas Real Estate

  •         Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are the improved version of incandescent bulbs. The difference between the two is that the tungsten filament is wrapped in a compact transparent envelope. The bulb gets its name because halogen and a small amount of inert gas are put inside the envelope. The inert gas is essential for increasing the brightness and the overall lifespan of the bulb. You will also get a higher degree of energy efficiency with halogen lamps.

  •         Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

LED lights are among the common types of home light bulbs in homes in Las Vegas. This is because LED lights are brighter, use less energy, last longer, and can come in varying colors.

LED lights are simply semiconductor devices that, when electricity is applied, end up glowing with light. Once the electricity goes through the negatively charged diode, it results in the flow of electrons and release of photons. This process is extremely efficient and results in low energy expenditures overall. lasvegasrealestate

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