Things that turn off Las Vegas House Buyers -

Things That Turn Off Las Vegas House Buyers

Things that turn off Las Vegas house buyers, and there are many, should be remedied before you list your home for sale.  Las Vegas house buyers will without a doubt be comparing many houses and will readily push yours aside with the slightest provocation. Here at, we suggest you try your hardest to avoid these 9 potential turnoffs.

Things That Turn Off Las Vegas House Buyers

Carpet over hardwood floors

Many people really like hardwood floors, they add a wonderful design element to your house. They’re also very easy to clean and don’t retain dirt as carpets do. Many sellers make the mistake of covering up their hardwood floors and opting to display carpet. Ensure you show off your gleaming hardwood floors and leave the buyer to decide if they want them covered or not.

Using a bedroom for other purposes turns off Las Vegas House Buyers

All home buyers are interested in the number of bedrooms in the house they intend to buy. If you converted a bedroom into something like a home office, it is advisable to revert it back before you put the house on the market. The buyer may not find the home office as useful as you found it. Not only does it impact a buyers ability to visualize a living space but an office is often a source of clutter and dust.

Turning your kid’s room into a miniature theme park

Since children are very creative and free-spirited, many parents turn their bedrooms into something that resembles a Disneyland ride. This turns off buyers as they might have teenage kids who do not require all the fantastic decorations. Let the new house owner have the opportunity to decide what to do with each of the bedrooms.  In a nutshell, go back to neutral.

Dirty dishes in the sink

House buyers are very sensitive about how you have been taking care of your house before they buy it. They need to see the house at its best so please be sure your kitchen is as clean as it can possibly be. A dirty sink always sends the wrong impression and is surprisingly common. If you are caught up in a dirty kitchen, it is wise to hold off the buyer until you tidy it up.

Make buyers take off their shoes

No, it’s not rude to ask buyers to remove their shoes when entering you’re home. Especially if you’ve scheduled a large number of showings in one day, that’s a lot of foot traffic. They, however, might be a little turned off by the idea of it, so be prepared to handle the situation accordingly.  If you are going to ask buyers to wear booties do so with a pleasant reminder sign in your foyer and provide the booties.

Pet toys laying around the house

One common thing that’s overlooked when readying your house for a showing is your pet. If you have a pet then make sure everything like dog food and pet toys are stored away properly. Having dog toys laying around in random rooms in the house may not be as appealing to a buyer who isn’t as pet-friendly as you are.

Having a family room in the garage

Just because you decided to use the garage as an extra game/family room doesn’t necessarily mean your buyer wants the same setup. Make sure if you’ve changed your garage set up in any way you revert it back to a basic garage with no clutter so they can visualize what they would like to do with it.

An above-ground pool

An above-ground pool in the backyard of the house is not a good idea. If you cannot afford a proper pool and are tempted to set up an above the ground pool, you must dismantle it long before putting your house on sale. Note to self, if the pool leaves behind a dead spot of grass in the backyard, you will fumble last minute trying to cover it. If you have an above ground pool and you know you’ll be putting your house on the market in the near future then take the pool down well before you put your house up for sale. This will give your yard plenty of time to recover and hopefully keep your grass looking green for the showings.  If you have a desert landscape, make sure you tend to any marks from the pool.


Ok, readers let’s be real.  Sometimes we develop our own personal home smell.  It can come from our cooking habits, smoking, and, well, other things.  How will you possibly know?  Ask your Realtor, before he/she walks in the door to note any smell in the home.  If there is a smell, deal with it.  Get a deodorizer, paint, do whatever it takes to get rid of the smell because it completely turns off buyers.

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