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The Most Popular Home Basement Options -

The Most Popular Home Basement Options

Today, we’ll look at the most popular home basement options in Las Vegas and talk about some of the most common uses for this bonus space. 

The most common basement types are made of materials such as poured concrete, precast panels, or concrete blocks/masonry. However, other construction materials can also be used depending on the type of house, foundation, and other factors.

The Most Popular Home Basement Options: 3 Basement Types to Choose From

Concrete Basements

Most homes with basements are built from concrete. This is because concrete basements are very resilient and highly resistant to possible cave-ins. Poured concrete is also resistant to fire and flooding (to a degree), making it ideal for various conditions. So, what are the possible drawbacks of using poured concrete for your home basement?

The most common problem is the hydrostatic pressure on the joints of the wall which can allow water to get into the basement. However, this comes down to the concrete block design. If the design and construction are of high quality, then the basement can keep the water out.

The Most Popular Home Basement Options

Masonry Basements

Masonry basements come second in our list of popular basement options. For this type of housing basement, the cinder blocks or masonry units are connected to each other to ensure that the walls remain waterproof. 

For someone on a budget, using masonry to set up a home basement is an ideal option to consider. As much as it is an affordable method, you will find that it is also a highly resilient one.

Masonry basements are easier to install as compared to the other types. Owners can save money on labor and materials when using this method for their homes. Masonry basements can also be made to be extra durable by reinforcing the walls with steel bars.

The Most Popular Home Basement Options 1

Precast Panel Basement Constructions

This is one of the most popular home basement options in the Las Vegas real estate scene for its performance. Precast panel basements are set up by a culmination of pre-poured panels made of concrete. These panels are molded off-site and then transported to the final construction site using heavy machinery.

Since they’re made from poured-concrete, you’ll find them amazingly strong. Precast panel home basements are known to offer superior waterproofing and impressive durability.

If you go with this type of basement for your home, make sure that the panels are treated with boric acid to prevent attracting pests to the basement.

5 Common Basement Layouts

We have looked at the most popular home basement options based on materials alone, but basements can also be categorized based on layouts. Some of the common basement layouts include the following:

  • Full Basement
  • Partial Basement
  • Crawlspaces
  • Walk-up Basement
  • Walkout Basement focuses on bringing real estate listings and information in Las Vegas right to your screen. We’re not just experts in basements though; we have an assortment of different real estate tips, tricks, and how-to’s on our website for all interested readers to check out!

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