Summer Gardening for Condo Owners is a Thing!

Summer gardening for condo owners is a thing!  That’s right, there’s no need to pity your condo-owner, green thumb friends – where there is even a tiny space, there are gardening possibilities. Whether you call that spot a balcony, lanai, terrace or veranda, it can be transformed into a summer garden showcase in just a […]

What is a “comp” in Real Estate?

What exactly is a “comp” in real estate? Why is a comp so important to the purchase and sale of your home?  A reader contacted us on our Facebook page and asked us those two fantastic questions.  Here’s the answer! From Ikea product hacks to painting kitchen cabinets and refinishing countertops, Americans are absolutely […]

Buying a Las Vegas Home: Good Surprises and the Details

Buying a Las Vegas Home: Good Surprises and the Details. I don’t know if there is actual data on this, but we can tell you from our experience that water heaters wait until the new homeowner moves in to fail. This is why home warranties are such a good idea. What about good surprises? The […]

How to save for a down payment

First time home buyers in Las Vegas take nearly eight years to save for a down payment for their dream home. The time frame is derived by factoring in the amount a renter pays for housing in Nevada and the required 10% down payment. Another study by Realty Trac shows that it takes an average […]

5 Las Vegas Home Buyer Traps – Avoid Them!

Hello Las Vegas home buyer!  Your home purchase may be the biggest financial investment you make during your lifetime. Scary thought, isn’t it? Not if you approach this investment as a business person would. Buying a home is a business transaction and, to avoid costly mistakes, it needs to be addressed as one. This means […]