Vacant Land Henderson

The demand for vacant land for sale in Henderson grows because of the steady influx of homebuyers, business owners, and real estate developers. Home to a vibrant commercial scene and miles of beautiful natural landscape, the master-planned community of Henderson continues to attract not just people looking to make the Las Vegas Valley their home but also investors who recognize the potential for high returns in Henderson real estate.

Many people assume that vacant land in Henderson brings no profit, so they focus on real estate properties such as houses, condos, and buildings. Although it’s true that owning vacant land is much less exciting than owning a house, there’s actually a lot of benefits to having land parcels in Henderson.

Why Choose a Vacant Land in Henderson?

Less Competition

Going for vacant land is a better idea than real estate properties because there’s less competition in the former. Going toe-to-toe in the competitive real estate market could result in purchasing over-priced properties, whereas in vacant land, you have a big chance of securing a parcel of land at a competitive price because there aren’t many investors who would constantly bid you up for it. 

Moreover, the Las Vegas Valley currently has hundreds of miles of vacant land, so there’s no danger of running out of vacant land to buy. A certain percentage of the Valley’s unused land is put on auction each year, and these auctions are your chance to score land parcels measuring anywhere between one to 50 acres. 

Cheaper Taxes

Property taxes in Las Vegas are lower by almost 70% than in other states. Plus, there’s no personal income tax that you have to pay, so you get the full amount of whatever price you sell your land for. 

Potential for High Returns

Thanks to the steady stream of investors and homebuyers in the Las Vegas Valley, Henderson is expected to expand in the coming years. Hence, if you secure a vacant land sitting right on its growth path, developers will eventually need to buy it from you—and we’re only too aware that real estate value increases each year in a place like Las Vegas.  

Plus, new real estate projects are quickly getting planned and constructed in Henderson. So, even if the vacant lot you purchase isn’t in the growth path of an ongoing project, there’s a huge possibility that a real estate company will eventually make an offer for it.


Vacant land is like a blank canvas; you can do whatever you want with it and since it’s in a community like Henderson, the possibilities are simply endless. You can sell it for commercial or residential constructions, or build something for yourself. You can also just wait and see what happens down the line, and decide according to the demands of the time. With vacant land, you can always pick the most profitable course of action.

Feel free to contact our expert real estate agents if you’re planning to purchase vacant land in Henderson. Las Vegas Real Estate (LVRE) will be glad to assist and provide you with relevant information on any vacant land currently up for sale in the community.

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