The famous Las Vegas Valley is home to stunning master-planned communities, a vibrant entertainment scene, and miles of amazing natural landscapes, all of which combine to continuously amp up the demand for vacant land for sale in North Las Vegas.

Many people think that vacant land brings no profit, so they focus on real estate properties such as buildings, condos, and houses. On the contrary, vacant lands or lots in North Las Vegas actually offer endless opportunities to real estate developers and custom home builders. Homebuyers who’d rather create a home from scratch are best served by vacant lots, while real estate players stand to gain significant profits from vacant land that boasts a strategic location.

Vacant land might seem much less exciting than a house, but the benefits that come with having land parcels in North Las Vegas might prove otherwise.

Why Choose Vacant Land in North Las Vegas?

  1. Flexibility
    You can do anything you want with vacant land, and since it’s in North Las Vegas, the possibilities are simply endless. You can sell it for commercial or residential construction projects, or you can build something for yourself. If you aren’t sure what to do, you can just hold on to it, then wait and see what happens later on. Adapt according to the demands of the time and go with the most profitable idea.
  2. Fewer Bidders
    There are currently hundreds of miles of vacant land in Las Vegas Valley, and a certain percentage of this unused land is put on auction each year. If you’re planning to grab land parcels measuring anywhere between one to 50 acres, these auctions are your best chance.
    Now, why is it better to try your chances in these land auctions instead of investing in real estate properties? The answer is less competition. There are fewer bidders, so there isn’t a lot of people who would constantly bid you up for your chosen vacant land. Hence, you can bag a parcel at a competitive price. Comparatively, you could end up buying over-priced properties if you go toe-to-toe in the real estate market where competition is always high.
  3. Cheaper Taxes
    Property taxes in Las Vegas are lower by almost 70% than in other states. Plus, you’ll get the full amount should you decide to sell your vacant land because there’s no personal income tax in Las Vegas that you have to pay.
  4. Great Potential for High Returns
    Thanks to the steady stream of homebuyers and investors, multiple master-planned communities and neighborhoods in the valley are expected to expand in the near future. So, if you lock in a vacant land located right on their growth path, they’ll need to purchase it from you down the line—and we’re only too aware that land value can drastically increase in a popular place like North Las Vegas.

    Also, new communities are continuously being planned and built. Therefore, even if the vacant land you buy doesn’t sit on the growth path right now, chances are that it will in the coming years.

Take a look at our real estate listings for vacant land for sale in North Las Vegas, and should one interest you, don’t hesitate to send us a message here at Las Vegas Real Estate (LVRE). Our experienced real estate agents will be happy to assist you in assessing and acquiring any vacant land currently for sale in the city.

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