Tucked a bit away from the bustle of Las Vegas City yet still near enough for an impromptu night-out at the Strip, Henderson is undoubtedly an attractive location for those who want to enjoy both natural scenes and bright city lights. Hence, it’s not a surprise that many homebuyers often consider townhomes for sale in Henderson for their next real estate investment.

Henderson townhomes feature the best of both condominiums and single-family homes. Although you own the land where the townhouse stands, maintaining the exterior isn’t your responsibility, as that falls under the responsibility of an association. This makes townhouses a low-maintenance housing option that you can conveniently lock and leave anytime you want.

If you aren’t yet sure if a townhome in Henderson is the right choice for you, the benefits outlined below might just help you make up your mind.

6 Benefits of Living in a Henderson Townhome

  1. Lower Cost
    Budget is the first thing that comes to mind when buying a home in Henderson, Las Vegas. Fortunately, townhouses are generally more affordable than single-family homes located in the same neighborhood. Plus, unlike condominiums, most townhouses are complete with extra spaces and garages, which are already included in the selling price, that you can use for additional storage or for a small study room.
  2. Good Location
    Next to budget is location, i.e., how near the property is to main roads, if there are schools or emergency rooms nearby, or if it’s located in a safe and well-designed neighborhood. Townhomes in Henderson earn plus points in this regard as they’re built in good locales not far from schools and hospitals. Thanks to Henderson’s proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, living in Henderson also means having malls, shops, and restaurants within a short drive.
  3. Easy Maintenance
    Maintenance is one thing you don’t have to worry about when you live in a townhome. Basic repairs are still your responsibility as a homeowner, but the townhome’s exterior area, which includes the yard, is taken care of by the homeowners’ association. Although townhouses don’t come with yards as large as those in single-family homes, it’s still a nice perk to have someone maintaining your yard regularly—that’s one less thing to worry about.
  4. Great Recreational Amenities
    When you live in a townhome, you have unlimited access to recreational amenities such as gyms, pools, and sports courts. You paid for the legal right to use such facilities when you bought the property. The awesome part? Like your home’s exterior, you also don’t have to maintain them! Recreational amenities within the premises, including the driveway and the parking lot, are also a task for the homeowners’ association.
  5. Less Noise
    Townhomes are traditionally designed next to each other, so it’s considerably less noisy in a townhome compared to a condominium where houses are put on top of one another. Townhouses also have the same floor plans; you won’t have to deal with too much noise in your bedroom, coming from your neighbor’s living room.
  6. Better Safety
    Townhomes are considered to be more secure against earthquakes because of their horizontal instead of vertical structural design. Moreover, because multiple houses share the same walls, it doesn’t take a lot for people to notice when something is wrong. For instance, if someone breaks in, your neighbor will probably hear you right away should you call for help.

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