You can keep your horses at home if you own a horse property, which might sound perfect to you. Good thing there are a lot of horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas.

When customers look for horse properties, they already have ideas of what they want for their family and pet horses. There are several factors to consider when buying such as the following:

  1. Horse property’s space and size
    The first step in purchasing a horse property is to look at the available space. If you only want a small backyard with a few horses, three or four acres in North Las Vegas would suffice. However, if you want to get more horses, you’ll need to expand your land.
  2. Horse property’s barn quality
    Checking the horse property’s barn quality is the second step to check. You can check every corner of our barns in North Las Vegas to inspect the durability of hayloft design, stall partition, and sizes.
  3. Storage space available in the horse property
    The next thing to consider is the storage space available in the horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas. We do have buildings and sheds available for you to use as extra storage.
  4. Pastures available in the horse property
    The pastures or feeding area available should also be checked. The number of horses you want to have should match the size of the available pasture. Before you buy one of our horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas, you can take a look at the quality of grass that can also be found in pastures.
  5. Neighborhood around the horse property
    You can inspect the neighborhood around our horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas to get a better understanding of the community. Doing so can give you peace of mind that your family and horses are all safe!
  6. Caretaker’s quarters in the horse property
    The caretaker’s quarters are typically included in the horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas, so make sure they have everything you need. In certain activities, such as breeding farms, having a live-in caretaker is not only convenient but also necessary.
  7. Horse property’s overall layout
    Of course, one last thing you should not forget is the overall layout of the horse property. The barn should, preferably, be situated behind the house, so that guests would have to drive past the house to get to the horses. This can be a significant security benefit, particularly if the property is located in a rural area.

Other Considerations When Buying Horse Properties For Sale in North Las Vegas

Apart from the specifics of the horse property, you have to find out whether there have been any recent floods or landslides, as weather disasters and a warming climate are becoming more worrying. If you buy our horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas, you can be sure there are no storms and the weather is not too hot for your horses.

It is also crucial to consider the proximity of riding schools, training facilities, feed and tack shops, local vets, as well as daily conveniences like shopping and community amenities when buying horse properties. Since you are in North Las Vegas, you can be sure you have the access to everything you need for your horses and your family!

Another thing to consider is your budget. Purchasing a home or land is a major financial investment. You will be more financially secure as property prices increase, and you’ll be able to house and care for your horses as you want without having to worry about finding a reliable and affordable boarding facility.

Las Vegas Real Estate has various horse properties for sale in North Las Vegas, so if you ever need help checking the factors above, contact us and we will definitely assist you.

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