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Las Vegas HOA Decoder

17 January, 2020

Nevada Housing Market Update – November 2019

10 January, 2020

Home Insurance Checklist for 2020

03 January, 2020

Home Insurance Checklist for 2020

Home Insurance checklist for 2020 – Have you done yours?  As the celebration of a new year has finally come and passed, right after the holidays, many homeowners tend to accidentally neglect various aspects of their home maintenance. Although some of us may have enjoyed rather warm and pleasant weather so far, this January and […]

Do I need a permit?

Do I need a permit for my Las Vegas home improvement project? A reader asked us that question this week. Here’s the answer. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about people who invested thousands in a home project only to be required to tear it all down because they didn’t have a building permit. Unfortunately, […]

5 Easy Spring Patio Upgrades

Spring flowers bloom elegantly along the back fence, temperatures are gradually nudging their way up (ok it’s Las Vegas so way up) grilling season is oh, so close and you’re ready to give your Las Vegas patio or balcony a shot of pre-summer sprucing. Few things in a busy life feel more luxurious than breakfast […]